TEXTiUM®, is one of the country’s newest digital marketing companies, its developed a new technology that uses texting to revolutionize direct mail advertising. TEXTiUM offers clients the ability to target specific customers with a unique offer or message and receive real-time leads. TEXTiUM creates an exchange of information between the advertiser and consumer using Precision Text marketing™. When TEXTiUM is incorporated with Direct Mail, the consumer texts to receive the information or offer that would typically be printed on a piece of mail. When they do, their mobile number is captured and is delivered as a quality, real-time lead to the advertisers CRM or email. This exchange of information allows an advertiser to call the consumer during their moment of consideration. Direct Mail prior to TEXTiUM was STATIC. No interaction was required on the part of the consumer and no control was given to the advertiser. Advertisers took their best guess at what offer to print, in hope that the consumer took interest, and the initiative to call or visit a website. This reduced the effectiveness and ability to track direct mail. Direct Mail with TEXTiUM is INTERACTIVE. A consumer is compelled to use their smartphone to text, and when they do, they are instantly text back desirable information from the advertiser. This gives the advertiser control of the messaging and ability to contact the consumer while they are reviewing the information or offer. By allowing the consumer to interact using their smartphone, mail effectiveness goes up and results become truly measurable. TEXTiUM offers its technology through Partners that are Direct Mail industry leaders like J Franco Marketing. If you would like to see samples and pricing please reach out to us at info@jfrancomarketing.com.


As a car dealer, can you imagine having a customer walk into your showroom, look at a number of vehicles, write down prices, gather data, then leave without anyone on your team getting their contact information for follow-up? I doubt the above scenario would be tolerated very often. However, this happens thousands of times a month on your website. Introducing Quick2Credit, a technology built from the ground up that can offer your consumers their pre-qualification, credit score, and ranking in exchange for basic contact data. Pre-qualifications are delivered via on screen, text, and email instantly. In addition, we follow up via direct mail with the same pre-qualification to be sure your applicants get the message. If December results like: 216 leads, 56 appointments, and 12 units sold sounds interesting to you, call or email us to set up a demo. info@jfrancomarketing.com or call 303 339 0103

Not All Credit Marketing Is Deep Subprime!

Not all credit and bankruptcy customers are deep subprime. The bottom line is next to marketing your own database, consumers that have had a bankruptcy or credit issues in the past are the best conquest responders to marketing. I have talked to several companies in the past that want nothing to do with this segment of the business. It is always surprising to me hear someone ready to write off an entire pool of possible consumers.


Let’s consider the consumers that have had a bankruptcy in the past. Some dealers can’t wait to send a letter to a consumer that just had a bankruptcy discharged and I don’t blame them. This group of consumers is normally hungry to reestablish credit and if you have the right lenders and inventory, this can be a very profitable segment.


What I don’t see enough of are companies marketing to people that are 3-6 years out of the bankruptcy. Some believe that the sooner you get them the better. In some cases, that might be true. I can tell you that without a doubt, when you market to those freshly discharged bankruptcy consumers you will be one of several. The group that I know gets often overlooked are those people that had a bankruptcy discharged several years ago or longer. What I love about this group is they are marketed to far less, and in many cases they have started to reestablish credit.


A number of these people have already acquired that first awful “get back on my feet loan” and are looking for something better! You just have to be the one to offer it to them. A bankruptcy is a significant experience and no one ever forgets they had one. That said, your marketing piece that references this past issue WILL get their attention.  What it can also do is drive a no longer truly subprime, but not yet fully prime, consumer into your store. Did you know that marketing list have also evolved to this type of recipient? We can now reference the type of bankruptcy, the county it was filled in, and relevant dates.


Consider the above next time you think all Bankruptcy programs have to be deep subprime.


John Franco


J Franco Marketing

303 339 0103

Does It Work?

Does It Work

“Does it work”? This has to be one of the most common questions asked in my industry, and the answer is…..YES and no! Not all marketing works in all markets and not all businesses handle the leads derived from the marketing the same way. These are just a few factors that can contribute to the success of your Direct Mail, Email Marketing, and Digital Marketing. In order to discover what works month-in and month-out, you have to pick a marketing company that is always looking for ways improve on what they do.

If you want more than your fair share of the market you are going to have to do more to get it. The question is: Do more of what? To answer the question of “what”, you have to align your business with a marketing company that you feel has your best interests at heart. As a marketing decision maker you will have to trust your marking company because every marketing plan is not going to be a home run. You see, this business is easy when the marketing drives consumers and everyone is making money. But what happens when the plan fails? You are going to have to trust your marketing company enough to know that they did all they could and that they will use that failure to produce better results moving forward. You see the longer you are with a company, the more they can learn about your business and your market. This, in turn, ensures the long term results will be better.

Not sure if the company you are dealing with has your best interests at heart? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to discover the answer:

– Do they stay in contact with me throughout the month or just when it’s time to sell me something new?

– Do I hear from them if the current marketing is not performing as well as predicted?

–  Am I shown new ideas or am I being resold the same thing in a different wrapper each month?

– Does my marketing company offer insights not related to the products they sell?

– Do they really know anything about me or my business?

– Have I ever asked my marketing professional for advice about an idea I have had or another product I have seen?

– Do I trust them enough to simply provide a budget and let them pick the plan, quantities, and hooks?

If you find yourself answering no more often than yes, then it might be time to try someone else.

John Franco


J Franco Marketing






Hello World

I think I will start this off with a little quote:

Jerry Maguire
: But if anybody else wants to come with me, this moment will be the ground floor of something real and fun and inspiring and true in this godforsaken business and we will do it together! Who’s coming with me besides… “Flipper” here?


Some of us think we can build a better mouse trap and some of us know we can. However, in order to do so we have to be willing to listen, consider, and appreciate the insight of others. We have to look ahead at emerging marketing WITHOUT forgetting our core business. I know I can build a better mouse trap because I have enough experience working in the fields I represent to be able to make informed decisions on what is best for the clients I represent.

Now here is the tricky part. They have to trust me. If you have made it this far on my site, then you know what I do. Now all you have to decide is: Do you trust who you do business with now when it comes to Direct Mail, Email Marketing, and Credit Oriented Digital Marketing.

John Franco


J Franco Marketing