Converting Web Traffic into Leads

The automotive industry is constantly changing, and auto dealers are always looking for new ways to improve their sales and customer experience. One tool that is rapidly gaining popularity among auto dealers is the credit prequalification tool. This tool can help dealers streamline the process of evaluating a customer’s creditworthiness, improve the customer experience, build customer relationships, and enhance sales. This post will discuss why auto dealers need Quick2Credit.

First, let’s take a look at how Quick2Credit increases efficiency. The process of evaluating a customer’s creditworthiness can be time-consuming and complex. Quick2Credit streamlines this process by providing an instant credit decision, allowing dealers to quickly and efficiently evaluate a customer’s creditworthiness. This saves the dealer and the customer time and allows them to focus on the more important aspects of the car-buying process.

Second, Quick2Credit improves the customer experience. Customers want to shop for vehicles confidently, knowing they have the credit to purchase the vehicle they want. Quick2Credit gives customers an instant credit decision, giving them the confidence they need to shop for vehicles. This personalized experience also demonstrates that the dealership is invested in their needs and is committed to providing them with the best possible service.

Third, Quick2Credit helps build customer relationships. By providing a personalized experience and demonstrating that the dealership is invested in their needs, Quick2Credit can help build solid and long-lasting relationships with customers. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business, which is essential for the success of any auto dealership.

Fourth, Quick2Credit enhances sales. By providing a competitive advantage, making it easier for customers to purchase a vehicle, and reducing the time it takes to close a deal, Quick2Credit can significantly enhance sales for auto dealers.

One of the critical aspects of Quick2Credit is that it encourages customers to fill out a form on the dealership’s website. Hundreds of thousands of people are shopping for vehicles every day, and auto dealers need to capture as much information as possible about potential customers. The average conversion ratio of a website form fill is around 3%, but Quick2Credit can help increase this ratio by providing customers with an instant credit decision and making it easier for them to purchase a vehicle.

The percentage of people that apply for credit and ultimately buy a car is around 40%. Quick2Credit removes all the roadblocks preventing consumers from starting the finance process. With no need for Social Security, no multi-step process, and no impact on their credit, the number of credit applications often jumps by over 100 percent.

Last, Quick2Creidts automated follow-up over the first 30 days is unmatched. We use email, direct mail, and text to help your staff make and maintain contact with these high-quality leads.

In conclusion, Quick2Credit is the premiere credit prequalification tool for auto dealers. It increases efficiency, improves the customer experience, helps build customer relationships, and enhances sales. Using Quick2Credit, auto dealers can stay ahead of the competition and provide their customers with the best possible service. So, if you’re an auto dealer, consider incorporating Quick2Credit into your business and watch your sales and customer satisfaction soar!