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J Franco Marketing’s goal

is to make marketing decisions easy. Let us do all the creative, research, and planning while you focus on selling your product.

Our mission is to provide consistent results by making the best use of the lists available. This strategy does not include hitting everyone once a month, but dividing available Credit, Bankruptcy, Registered Owners, Database, and Residence lists into a quarterly plan that will provide dependable results your business can count on.

What We Offer

Most diverse pre-qualification tool available

If you are looking to get more leads out of the consumers already visiting your website, Quick2Credit is the low-cost solution..


Direct Mail

No other product offers as extensive targeting along with an offer they can hold in their hand.

Bring your mail into the mobile age

With a disconnect between direct mail and today’s digital consumer, there has been growing pressure for the direct mail industry to find a solution. TEXTiUM allows the precision of texting to be added to any direct mail campaign.

Who We Are

Picking a marketing company can be very difficult. The landscape is full of companies that claim to understand your industry as well as their own.

There is really only one way to fully understand multiple industries and that is to have worked in them. Over the last 20 years I have spent my career in three industries Automotive, Financial, and Marketing. In all of these
verticals I have reached executive level management by proving myself in sales. This path has given me a unique understanding of all these industries as well as what’s needed to become successful.

However, the knowledge of the industries is only part of the battle. As a marketer you have to really believe that your personal success is tied to that of your clients’. You have to prove this dedication with your actions as well as your rhetoric. It’s this last sentence that has been the missing link. At some point the client became secondary to the “check”. It’s with this idea in mind that J Franco Marketing was born.

It’s a bit uncomfortable putting your name on a company. I decided to put my name on my company because of the level of accountability it brings to myself and anyone that works with me developing my clients’ business. If it has my name on it there is no doubt who is responsible for what happens and there is no doubt about who to talk to if you have an issue. If all of this does not convince you to give us a try I will also give you the best price. Happy Selling!

Contact Us

John Franco President
Office: 303-339-0103
Cell: 303-517-5066
8310 S. Valley Hwy, Ste 300
Englewood,CO 80112