As a car dealer, can you imagine having a customer walk into your showroom, look at a number of vehicles, write down prices, gather data, then leave without anyone on your team getting their contact information for follow-up? I doubt the above scenario would be tolerated very often. However, this happens thousands of times a month on your website. Introducing Quick2Credit, a technology built from the ground up that can offer your consumers their pre-qualification, credit score, and ranking in exchange for basic contact data. Pre-qualifications are delivered via on screen, text, and email instantly. In addition, we follow up via direct mail with the same pre-qualification to be sure your applicants get the message. If December results like: 216 leads, 56 appointments, and 12 units sold sounds interesting to you, call or email us to set up a demo. info@jfrancomarketing.com or call 303 339 0103

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