TEXTiUM®, is one of the country’s newest digital marketing companies, its developed a new technology that uses texting to revolutionize direct mail advertising. TEXTiUM offers clients the ability to target specific customers with a unique offer or message and receive real-time leads. TEXTiUM creates an exchange of information between the advertiser and consumer using Precision Text marketing™. When TEXTiUM is incorporated with Direct Mail, the consumer texts to receive the information or offer that would typically be printed on a piece of mail. When they do, their mobile number is captured and is delivered as a quality, real-time lead to the advertisers CRM or email. This exchange of information allows an advertiser to call the consumer during their moment of consideration. Direct Mail prior to TEXTiUM was STATIC. No interaction was required on the part of the consumer and no control was given to the advertiser. Advertisers took their best guess at what offer to print, in hope that the consumer took interest, and the initiative to call or visit a website. This reduced the effectiveness and ability to track direct mail. Direct Mail with TEXTiUM is INTERACTIVE. A consumer is compelled to use their smartphone to text, and when they do, they are instantly text back desirable information from the advertiser. This gives the advertiser control of the messaging and ability to contact the consumer while they are reviewing the information or offer. By allowing the consumer to interact using their smartphone, mail effectiveness goes up and results become truly measurable. TEXTiUM offers its technology through Partners that are Direct Mail industry leaders like J Franco Marketing. If you would like to see samples and pricing please reach out to us at info@jfrancomarketing.com.

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