10 percent response guaranteed!

Reach out to hundreds of customers daily with a custom message, recorded in your voice, or by our team.

Program Highlights:

  • Choose your targets(Sales, Service, Lost/Unsold leads)
  • 24 hour turnaround time
  • 10% response guranteed

Buy Back Script:

“Hi this is John at ABC Motors. I have a customer that’s interested in a car like the one you purchased from us and I’m hoping you would be interested in allowing us to buy it back from you! I’d be willing to pay you up to 125% of Kelly Blue Book for it. It’s somewhat urgent, so if you are interested, please call me back right away.

Also, if you decide you’d like to replace it, or if you’re interested in buying something else, I’m willing to give you a huge discount on a new or pre-owned vehicle! Again, this is John at ABC Motors – my number is 303 517 5066. Talk to you soon. Bye!”