Quick2Credit is a tool that converts existing web traffic into leads.

Our technology is called Quick2Credit and it was built from the ground up to convert your existing web traffic into exclusive pre-qualified leads. The program converts web traffic by leveraging LIVE TransUnion data with offers such as: “Get Pre-Qualified Without A SS#, Receive Your Free Credit Score, and No Impact On Your Credit”. Offers like these are excellent motivators. They do a fantastic job of converting site visitors into leads by offering shoppers something of value in exchange for contact information. Leads generated are all sent directly to your CRM to ensure timely follow-up. In addition, to help with the follow-up, we integrate text, email, and direct mail into the program to help our dealers convert more leads into sales. Finally, we offer ease of use and familiarity with our fill-with-Facebook button, as well as a full Spanish conversion to ensure your dealership can convert Spanish speaking shoppers. No other pre-qualification tool comes even close when you look at all of these features. Call or email us today for a demo.